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Sandal for women saint tropez : tropeziennes sandals Solea Torpezina

Santiago Saint Tropez presents you its full range of sandals for women in Saint-Tropez : Solea Torpezina. Those leather handcrafted sandals meet luxury and fitness codes of Saint Tropez. Specially lights and comfortables, these sandals are to wear in all conditions : at restaurant, on the beach, or during a walk in the city. The manufacturing quality of Solea Torpezina women sandal makes it a resisting leather tropezienne, which will last several seasons without wearing your shoes out.

Luxuries tropeziennes : the handcrafted leather sandals

Theses sandals are handcrafted in Saint-Tropez and echo the sandal’s top names such as Kjacques tropeziennes, Kozha, Rondini and Belarbi. In true luxuries tropeziennes, the Solea Torpezina is compelling by its worked style and the leather marked with a bell tower or a Saint. The quality of the leather used during production of these tropeziennes is complemented by the care given to the details such as sewing and hemming of all the elements. The result is a luxury tropezienne, a women handcrafted sandal, easy to wear to sublime the foot while keeping comfort and freshness once summer season comes.


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